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Diaper Changing Table in Mom's Room

Hey Mama

No matter if you’re trying to conceive, expecting or in the postpartum period, we are here for you.

Prenatal and Postpartum Chiropractic

Throughout pregnancy your body is constantly adapting to prioritize a growing baby. 

Having a neuro-spinal system that is clear and connected creates the optimal environment for a comfortable and healthy pregnancy! This is the first step to creating a healthy family.


At Steadfast Chiropractic we will help support and empower you throughout your pregnancy and postpartum phases of life. Not only is our team Webster Certified but we are constantly training to be better for you and your family! We have additional training through the pediatric experience, Birthfit, and ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Associaiton). 

benefits prenatal and postpartum chiropractic care
Pregnant mother

Jackie's Story

"During my first pregnancy, around eight months, I experienced sharp nerve pain that ran down my legs and would cause me to collapse. It was scary and would happen randomly. I tried stretching and exercising, but nothing really helped. 

Around seven months of my second pregnancy, I started to feel the nerve pain return. The constant care form Dr. Claire kept them from ever reaching severe levels like before! Dr. Claire is very intentional, kind, and understanding. If a problem persists, she works until it is resolved and suggests exercises to help. 

I had a peaceful and beautiful home birth. Dr. Claire came and adjusted me during early labor. She was encouraging and a joy to have as a part of my team. We are in postpartum care and I feel confident knowing my baby and I are in such capable hands."

“I started seeing Dr. Claire at 34 weeks pregnant because my baby was breech. My experience at Steadfast Chiropractic has been wonderful, and after 2 weeks, my baby is now head down! I’m looking forward to continuing my prenatal care and can’t recommend Dr. Claire and Dr. Brennan enough.”

- Maria -

Chiropractic Adjusting table for Prenatal Chiropractic care
Once you schedule your new patient appointment, our team will reach out to answer any and all questions and walk you through what to expect! We can't wait to meet you!
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